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Action Speaks Louder

Action Speaks Louder started off as a bi-annual newsletter of the Ontario Public Interest Research Group at the University of Toronto. We now publish articles about social and environmental justice advocacy and activism on a rolling basis on our online blog, with a specific focus on issues that affects our communities. If you would like to see copies of our previous issues, please come by our office at 230 College St, room 318 or you can view our most recent issue and past issue on Issuu here.

We welcome anyone who is interested in joining the editorial collective for Action Speaks LouderĀ please get in touch with us at actionspeaksloudertoronto@gmail.com. You do not need any prior experience with publishing in order to participate and we will provide the requisite training and mentorship. If you enjoy working on publications and/or are interested in learning more, Action Speaks LouderĀ is a great opportunity to be part of a production process from start to finish and learn the editing and technical skills needed for publishing.

If you would be interested in writing for us about a particular political issue you are passionate about or a campaign you are working on, please write to us at actionspeaksloudertoronto@gmail.com for more information on the pitch process.


You can check out some of our archive print editions of Action Speaks Louder online at Issuu below: (Or link directly here).

Past issues of Action Speaks Louder have featured articles on:

  • an article by Taina Da Silva from Grassy Narrows First Nation about defending the land and protecting the water in their community
  • Jared Ong on the fight for a $15 minimum wage
  • Members of the Mining Injustice Solidarity Network on colonization and Canadian mining companies
  • OPIRG action group listings, a resource list and more!

We work to create space for students and community members to reflect on pressing issues within current struggles for social and environmental justice. If you would like to join our editorial collective, please write to us at opirg.toronto@gmail.com. The editorial collective is always looking for new members. No previous editorial experience is necessary, just a willingness to learn and an understanding of social and environmental justice issues.

If you would rather just write for us, submit a pitch! We are always soliciting ideas for new articles and we pay selected contributors between $25 – $75 per article. To send us a short pitch or for questions about the pitch process, please email actionspeaksloudertoronto@gmail.com.