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Funding Requests


Unfortunately, as we’re undergoing a transitional period, our budget is unable to accommodate requests for monetary support at this time. Please contact us to find out other ways in which we’re able to help you!

We hope to work together with you in the future,
OPIRG Toronto Board of Directors

OPIRG Toronto holds a budget line for donations to projects and events that fit within our mandate of research, education and action on social and environmental justice. We give priority to funding requests for events taking place locally and those that have limited funding sources. Please read our donations policy in full before submitting proposals to the OPIRG Toronto Board of Directors for consideration.

The external requests form that all applicants/organizations must fill out is included below. Please include a budget for your event or project, if possible. OPIRG-Toronto has very limited funds dedicated to external requests and we cannot provide funds to all groups or individuals that apply for them.