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Dr. Chun Resource Library

About the Library 

The Dr. Chun Resource Library is a space for community members and University of Toronto students to access factual, critical, and alternative materials that facilitate resistance to oppression among and between diverse communities. In particular the library is committed to collecting materials that reflect the local voices of our community, and the voices of those who have been marginalized and oppressed in our daily lives and in political mobilizing.

The Dr. Chun Resource Library offers its patrons unconventional and difficult to come by materials that reflect a wide variety of issues including: social justice, anti-racism, feminism, ableism, trans awareness, food politics, colonialism, reproductive rights, environmentalism, violence against women, sexuality, poverty, and much more!

The Dr. Chun Resource Library is a collaboration between OPIRG-Toronto and the Centre for Women and Trans People at U of T (across the hall from the OPIRG office, which is where the library is housed).

Our History

Originally opened on September 13, 2000, the Dr. Chun Resource Library began as a small collection of material amassed over the year by both OPIRG and the Centre for Women and Trans People. In 2000 Dr. Kin Yip Chun, a professor and researcher who was wrongfully denied a tenure track position at the University of Toronto after serving ten years in the Department of Physics, made a large contribution to the collection as an act of solidarity among communities struggling for social justice. At that time it was renamed the Dr. Chun Resource Library.