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Presenting the 2017 TRACX Symposium

Presenting the 2017 TRACX Symposium

We are thrilled to present the third annual Toronto Research Action & Community eXchange (TRACX) symposium, held in partnership with Students for Barrier Free Access.

This year’s event is titled “What’s Left? Coalition-Building and Countering the Alt-Right”, motivated by a need to reflect on our understanding of anti-fascism and what the practice of anti-fascist organizing looks like. How do we cultivate an understanding of what anti-fascism means, and how do we employ it in our organizing work? The symposium showcases research with a community organizing focus from students, community members and groups. We want to problematize and challenge perspectives on research, and build networks between socially-conscious students and grassroots community organizations and individuals to develop research proposals led by the community group’s needs and priorities. We hope you can join us in helping facilitate this process as we focus on how we can resist fascism, in our relationships, in our workplaces, and in the institutions and systems that govern our daily lives.

If you are interested and would like to be part of this years TRACX program schedule we will be soliciting submissions for sessions (panels, keynotes, group discussions, reviews, and screenings) starting 12am June 1st 2017 until 11:59pm August 1st 2017. To keep an eye out for the submission form please head over and give our page a like! Please note that this year we will be focusing on discussion and presentation based sessions that work to engage the audience in the discussion.

If you aren’t up to submitting a session proposal but would still like to support us and our work please consider making a small donation to help us cover the costs associated with keeping TRACX going. We are committed to keeping the TRACX Symposium free and accessible. In order to do so, and with the goal of growing our program and collective for this year, we need your help to cover costs associated with TTC tokens, ASL interpretation, live note-taking, honoraria for panelists, facilitator fees, food for participants, including gluten free/nut free/vegan/vegetarian options, and room bookings.

Every donation, no matter how small, helps us get closer to our fundraising goal of $5,000.

Last year we had over 150 people attend a day packed with panels, workshops, and hands-on arts based events.

To take a look at this years schedule and keep up to date with what we are planning you can either give our page a like or head over and rsvp on our facebook event page here!



The Toronto Research and Community Exchange (TRACX) is a two part program started by OPIRG-Toronto to build space for student and community research on social and environmental justice issues. The first component is a research portion, which also works to facilitate connections between campus resources and community members and organizations working for social change. Through the TRACX program, community organizations can develop research projects useful to their campaigns and long-term strategies while being matched with students interested in completing the research for credit. We strongly believe in taking the lead from community groups and members in the research we do, and placing the tools and power inferred by academia firmly in the hands of marginalized communities who are often shunned and shut out of these institutions. The end product of the research is under the full control of the student researchers and the organizations/communities that produce it. We believe it is critical that control remains with student researchers and the community in order to fully empower groups to realize the full potential of this work.